Who are Repak Ltd?

Repak is an industry funded organisation whose aim it is to facilitate and grow packaging recycling. Based on the principle of producer responsibility, Repak was established to help businesses meet their legal obligations to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging on the goods or services they supply, as set out in the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007.

How is Repak Funded?

Repak is solely funded from packaging levies, as charged to its participating businesses, and operates on a not for profit basis. Repak’s members are charged on the type and amount of packaging they produce, ie. The more packaging they place on the Irish Market, the more they pay. Repak has designed its fee structure in this manner so as to curb the level of packaging manufacturers choose to use and to incentivise easier to collect/recycling materials.

Who should join Repak?

In accordance with the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2007, all companies involved in the production, distribution and retailing of products with packaging exceeding the de’minimus (ie. > than €1m and > than 10 tonnes of packaging / packaged goods per annum), primarily these are ‘major producers’, as defined by the Irish Packaging Regulations. At present Repak has over 2000 participating companies in membership, and is currently funding the recycling of over 60% of all packaging placed on the Irish market.

What Repak have achieved?

Through packaging levies, invested €146 million in supporting packaging recycling in Ireland.
   * Increased packaging recycling from 100,000 in 1998 to 643,000 tonnes in 2007
   * Increased packaging recycling from under 15% in 1998 to close on 60% in 2007
   * Repak established a 5 year strategy group for packaging recycling in 2001
   * Repak helped Ireland meet and exceed it’s EU packaging recovery targets in 2001(25%) and 2005(50%)
   * Repak support kerbside recycling reaching nearly 1,100,000 households, 2200 bring banks
   * Repak’s fee structure encourages less packaging on the market
   * 57% municipal recycling is driven by packaging recycling funded by Repak
   * Co-funded and placed 866 new Bring Banks nationwide to grow the collection infrastructure
   * Educating businesses & households with national campaigns and sponsorhips
            o Repak Recycling week
            o Repak Green Christmas
            o An Taisce National Spring Clean
            o An Taisce Green Schools Programme
            o Tidy Towns
            o Repak Easter Appeal