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Solus are light years ahead in technology, quality and excellence

Irish company Solus Light Bulbs were proud to shine a spotlight on quality and excellence as headline Sponsor of the 2019 National Q Mark Awards.  It has also been a busy time for Solus Labs, the R&D arm of the company, which ensures Solus remains at the forefront of emerging technologies

within the connected home. Not unrelated to this, Solus reached for the sky this year as they piloted a drone delivery experiment of light bulbs to SuperValu in Westport and were the first lighting company to use drone technology to carry out a retail delivery - lighting the way to autonomous deliveries in the future

As market leader in Ireland, Solus are constantly investing in NPD and the development, manufacturing & application of innovative lighting solutions including next generation LEDs.  “Quality is at the centre of everything we do.  We were delighted to sponsor the Q Mark Awards and congratulate all of our customers and friends that were nominated.  It is a huge achievement to be in the top percentage of all audits in the Island of Ireland and we are delighted to help shine a spotlight on all those who celebrate quality and excellence
.” Said David Reynolds, Sale and Marketing Manager of Solus.

“Our big focus at the moment is the roll out of our new XCross™ Filament LED technology and our pioneering new Retail Experience display solutions which takes customer engagement at point of sale to a whole new level.  For most consumers, the need to trial a product before making the purchase is still very compelling. These innovative new high-level display solutions allow customers to press a button to ‘try me’ and see exactly what the light bulbs look like when lit in various surroundings.  Experiential Marketing it’s all about exciting people’s mind. It’s a type of brand messaging which aims to create memorable sensations and emotional attachment.  We are proud to send out a positive message to our customers and end users that quality is at the centre of our business.”

The new Solus Retail Experience displays predict and answer user’s questions in a simple friendly way. The customer is brought on a journey with clear visuals and descriptions.  Various shapes including the classic bulb, candle, reflectors, round and fluorescent each have their own wattage guide and fitting options be it bayonet or screw fit.  The interactive ‘try me’ stations is a pioneering move and a first for the category as customers can see exactly what the bulb looks like when lit in a familiar room setting.

Solus Labs, the R&D arm of the company, is effectively a tech start-up within a lighting company, the team are working on developing the latest technologies within the connected home. Current projects include home automation and lighting using Internet of Things integration. It’s about enhancing the lighting experience in the home, bringing cutting edge innovation into people’s lives. Adjusting the frequency to natural light instead of white. It’s not just about lighting, there is also a focus on the commercial side of the business, improving automation, operations and more.

Solus is an Irish owned company that has been established for over eighty years, now supports 63 jobs in Ireland and sell one light bulb every 6 seconds. Solus are proud to be one of the only light bulb companies with a directly employed Irish Field sales team which make over 26,000 deliveries per year and recently upgraded their fleet to Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans to reduce carbon emissions.

Solus is committed to providing a complete range of energy saving lighting products for all applications possible and is market leader in Ireland.  Each light bulb is individually tested before packing to ensure the highest quality standards and Solus are proud to have achieved the NSAI ISO9001:2015 standard.  This standard encompasses a quality audit on every aspect of the business and ensures that Solus meets the highest quality standard in the industry.


Quality is at the centre of everything they do.  This has been recognised across the industry.  Solus were the proud recipients of the overall Supreme Award for Innovation and Best Home Product at the HAI awards.  They were finalists for 3 years in a row at the Checkout FMCG Awards as well as getting top honours at the Sustainable Ireland Awards and Customer Experience Awards.  To encourage other companies to reach the high-quality standards that Solus sets itself, they were proud headline sponsors of the National Q Mark Awards for quality and excellence this year.



Solus have led the charge from Halogen to LED and were first to the market with XCross™ Filament LED technology but they also recognise that the
phase-out of Halogen bulbs for the consumer is a gradual one. To facilitate this transition, Solus made provisions to have Halogen stocks available in their Irish Warehouses and the consumer-led demand for these stocks is evident. Under EU law, Retailers are perfectly entitled to sell these until stocks run out and consumers are fully educated and ready to move to LED.  The future is bright for Solus and this progressive Irish company will remain at the forefront of new technology in the lighting category but also proud of their customer focused heritage and culture which has been pivotal to their success.