Rosanna turned the clocks back with top energy saving tips from Solus

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Top tips for energy saving now that the clocks have gone back

… maybe for the last time!

On Sunday October 28th at 2am, the clocks were set back one hour meaning one extra hour in bed.  Daylight Saving Time is now at an end, which means it is brighter for one hour in the morning and sunset comes one hour earlier in the evening. The clocks will go forward one hour again in the spring next year at 1am on Sunday, 31 March when we will lose one hour’s sleep but that may be the last time the clocks will change.
There are, in fact, many detractors of this twice-yearly time change, and a EU-wide movement to soon abolish it altogether. During the summer of 2018, Brussels proposed abolishing the time adjustments throughout the EU. This announcement came on the back of a survey in which 84% of 4.6 million respondents said they want to stop changing the clocks. Two weeks after that, the European Commission said it would like the last mandatory change to take place in March 2019, but such a move first needs approval by national governments and the EU parliament.
Coldplay singer Chris Martin’s great-great-grandfather, William Willett, came up with the bright idea of British Summer Time back in 1907. He then spent the rest of his life trying to convince people his scheme was a good one.  Sadly, he died of influenza in 1915 at the age of 58; a year before his clock-changing plan was adopted by the Germans and the UK in 1916. His great-great grandson, Chris Martin however has had huge success with smash hits ‘Clocks’ and ‘Daylight’ perhaps inspired by his forefather!

Now that the evenings are  darker, Solus Light Bulbs have some top energy saving tips:
Use "task" lighting rather than whole room lighting when only a small amount of light is required. Regularly clean light fittings, reflectors and lampshades.
Most energy efficient light bulbs, such as halogen light bulbs, are available in various configurations and although they cost more to purchase, they are far more energy efficient thus reducing electricity costs. Halogen light bulbs are 30% more energy efficient than the old CFL bulbs
New generation LED light bulbs are 90% more efficient than the old CFL bulbs
Replacing 3 x 100W incandescent light bulbs with LEDs using 3 hours of electricity per day can save an average household up to €43 per annum.
The classic looking next generation XCrossTM Filament LED bulbs from Solus generates a 360 degree surround natural and warmer light and the light is instant with no time delay. The bulbs retail at €9.99 but soon pay for themselves with a saving of approximately €157 over the lifetime of the bulb with the highest standards of energy efficiency.
Outdoor decorative lights look great when lighting up trees or garden features. However, it might be worth considering only switching them on occasionally to help reduce your energy bill.

Solus is an Irish owned company that has been established for over eighty years and now supports 63 jobs in Ireland. The company is constantly investing in new product development and the manufacturing & application of innovative lighting solutions including next generation LEDs.  Solus is committed to providing a complete range of energy saving lighting products for all applications possible. This has enabled consumers to be confident in knowing that they can rely on Solus to supply their lighting needs well into the future at competitive prices. 

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