The Classic Halogen Candle Bulb offers brilliant light from our Xenon Halogen Technology. It replaces the older traditional incandescent bulb. It lasts twice as long and consumes 30% less energy.

  • Suitable for many general lighting applications, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, halls and offices
  • Suitable for main ceiling as well as secondary lamp fittings
  • Available in 60W / 40W / 25W

Solus 15 Watt BC CFL E/Saver 2PK

Code: 015171

Price per case of 20


DescriptionSolus 15 Watt BC CFL E/Saver 2PK
Rated wattage (0.1 W precision)15W
Rated luminous flux799
Equivalence incandescent wattage64W
Base (Standard Designation)B22