Solus 75W = 11W BC A55 LED DIMM SMD

Code: 060004

DescriptionSolus 11 Watt BC LED Dimmable 1PK
Rated wattage (0.1 W precision)11W
Rated luminous flux1055
Equivalence incandescent wattage75W
Base (Standard Designation)B22

Regulatory Information for SMD LED Bulbs

Product Features Up to 86% energy saving on traditional incandescent lamps. Last up to 15 times as long as an incandescent lamp
Rated lamp life time 15000H
No. of switching cycles 50000X
Lamp power factor 0.7
Colour temperature  2700K
Colour rendering  >80
Warm up time up to 60%of the full light output (may indicate as "instant light" if less than 1 second) Instant Light
A warning if lamp cannot be dimmed Yes
If designed for use in non standard conditions information to be supplied Not for use in non standard conditions
Lamp dimensions in mm 60x112
Lamp mercury content in X.X mg  0.00mg
Lumen maintenance factor at the end of nominal life 70%
Starting time (as X.X seconds) <0.5s
Conumer unit pack size 1pk
Number of packs per outer case 10pks
Packaging and the Environment Solus cares for the environment. For this reason the blister-packs are produced in such a way that the component parts (cardboard and PVC) can be separated in favour of differential refuse collection and recycling.
End of life product recycling Solus cares for the environment. For information on the best way to recycle your end of life product visit